Donald Abraham



Im not a trained artist, They call me a visionary, an outsider. Although as a child I would draw for endless hours, I have never attended art school, my art is a fusion of external reality and the expressive power of inner self.

Anyone that observe my paintings would find themselves in front of an unreal and dream like world covered in our distorted reality, Deformed and sometimes even humorous details. I strongly express myself with color in a disorderly and naked manner, by the purest spontaneity of my subconscious without technicalities or rules. Simply by letting the lines and strokes flow throughout my hands.

I do not seek the perfect contrast of colors in my work because this eliminates the vast nature of what I have inside. Usually I don’t think about what I’m going to paint, the result emerges by itself. I think the artist is just a vehicle for wonderful work of art, and what really should be valued, is the creation in its entirely, the work in its pure and natural form, not the artist as “master” but rather, as a disciple of this supernatural force and pure talent.

“ For me I’m just a doodle artist and my works are spontaneous. Some people say it’s decoration from my imagination. Could be a future story, could be a moral story. ”

Below are a few words about me through other people

Donald Abraham’s beginnings were centered on a mentor-mentee arrangement, with the young artist honing his skills under the tutelage of prominent artist, Yusof Gajah. His earliest works traces of his mentor’s naïve art style, but Donald has steadily carved a niche for himself, and his work now combine traces of graffiti, street art, and a spontaneity that is both engaging and fresh.


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