Mustafa Özbakir

Mustafa Özbakır looks at the relationship between painting, photography, and cinema, focusing specifically on the films of Ingmar Bergman. He transforms scenes from films into art works by combining them with his own state of mind, his surroundings and anxieties. Özbakır, in a way, “translates” films. By making his works, he participates in the transformation of “reality” and reproducing it. The artist works with themes of alienation, introversion, lack of communication, lovessness, dividedness, trying to evoke feelings of pain and experiences of the human existence. The black and white faces in Özbakır’s paintings wait to be touched; he makes them visible with his art. The artist repeats what has been eternally copied by the photograph from his own perspective by painting, researching possibilities of new narratives through the simplicity of expression. Mustafa Özbakır received his undergraduate degree from Mersin University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department. The artist has participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. He continues his work withous representation.


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