Neda Tavalaee

Neda grew up in England up to the age of ten. My parents were studying there.  At the age of six my art teacher told my parents that l was a painter and since that age l knew that l wanted to be an artist. We came back after the revolution and l endured many hardships as a young girl mostly because it was hard for me to adapt to islamic rules and the way women are treated. My parents would not allow me to study painting as they thought art was for loose women. I was forced to study physics for two years. Then l quit and took the exam for art university against everyones advise and got accepted. As a female artist, living in Iran, it has always been a challenge to express myself without surrendingto self-censorship and still depicting the beauty and richness of our culture. For us there are many things to be inspired from: The hidden hopes we have for our future as a people, the pride we have as Persians, our rich heritage, mystecal, music, literature, the beauty of our youth.l have always used painting as my voice. So, l metamorphose those experiences into my work. Reflectingon the double lives iranians lead, focusing mainly on the how and where we mingle and merry make. I have been mesmerized on this aspect of our lives and have always wondered if other nations were able to see us for whatwe are and how we live, no though the eye of the media, what would the see and would we still bejudged the same ? I love to depict ordinary day to day events that not only tell complete stories but also arouse us intellectually compelling us to us think, judge, feel and remenber our humanity.


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