Peng XiangJie

Peng Xiangjie

Peng Xiangjie



Peng Xiangjie started photography in 1991; his work focuses on subculture and non-mainstream groups of people which he photographs in both a documentary and conceptual way. During his carrier he has been photographer for the agency CHINA Photograph, academic and artistic consultant for the Gucang Contemporary Image Gallery (Gucang Contemporary Art Organization), coordinator of the Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award, member of the Dali International Photography Festival Academic Committee, consultant for the Asia Pioneer Photographer Program (Dali International Photography Festival), and academic host of the Zhongnanshan Art Residence Program (Xi’an Yuanying Gallery).


His works has been shown in Delmar Gallery (Solo exhibition, 2018, Sydney, Australia), Doozo Gallery (Solo exhibition, 2017, Rome, Italy), ArteFiera (2017, Bologna, Italy), Pingyao International Photography exhibition (Cosplay – Solo Exhibition, 2017, Pingyao, China), Cui Zhenkuan Art Gallery (Record keeping – Solo exhibition, 2017, Xi’an, China), In Arco Gallery (Group Exhibition, 2016, Turin, Italy), Artissima art fair (2016, Turin, Italy), MGA Monash Museum of Art (Grain to Pixel – Photography in China – Group Exhibition, 2015, Australia) , The 6th Dali International Photography Festival (Twins – Solo exhibition, 2015, Dali Yunnan, China), Three Shadows Photography Art Center (Chinese Photography: Since the 20th Century – Group Exhibition, 2015, Beijing, China), Cipa Gallery (Masterpieces of photography – Chinese Contemporary Photography – Group Exhibition, 2015, Beijing, China), Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Gallery (The First Changjiang International Photography and video Biennale – Group Exhibition, 2015, Chongqing, China), Xi’an Art Museum (The Transformation of a Thread – Group Exhibition, 2015, Xi’An, China), Vhs Photogalerie (Group Exhibition – Face-to-Face, 2014, Stuttgart, Germany) Chengdu Image Arts Center, (Outsider – Solo Exhibition, 2014, Chengdu, China), and other Chinese and foreign art institutions.



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