Samson Bakare

Samson Bakare (b.1993) is a Nigerian artist of multiple disciplines. Inspired by his architect father in the city of Lagos, at a
tender age Samson began his journey into a creative world. A graduate of the School of Art , Yaba
college of technology who shares alma mater with likes of Wahab Saheed, Edosa Oguigo, kelani
Abass , Adebayo Atanda and several others. His work centres around propagation of black
identity and values in both contemporary and retrospective context. while representing historical
scenes, Samson has been able to document black people in different time and space .His
narrative covers portraits of African men and women with blank expressions as they strive for
cultural emancipation.

“My work is a time machine through which you can see the past and behold the future from the
same stand point”.


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